Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain?


Last week we saw how the monarchy in England was limited by Parliament. This struggle between the king and Parliament saw its climax in the English Civil War which led to the execution of King Charles I. We will next spend a class period looking at the leader of the victorious Parliament forces who became the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth Oliver Cromwell.

english-civil-war-hero-H (1)

Who is this man who was arguably more powerful than any monarch in Britain’s history. This is a man who is credited for laying the groundwork for Democracy & religious freedom in Britain but is also accused of brutality in Ireland and even dictatorship. You will examine the character of Oliver Cromwell through a video (see below) as well as primary & secondary sources. The link for the worksheet is found in the link below and you will use the worksheet along with the powerpoint which is also found in the link below. Watch the video and then read the primary & secondary sources found in the powerpoint to help answer the questions in complete sentences. Finally you will answer the following question in 3-4 paragraphs. What type of man was Oliver Cromwell? Was he a hero or villain or something else?

Oliver Cromwell Powerpoint

Oliver Cromwell Character Worksheet

You also may find the following link helpful: BBC History-Was Oliver Cromwell the Father of British Democracy?

Cromwell: Hero or Villain



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